Corporate Wellness

4-Week Workplace Nutrition Renovation:

Workplace Nutrition Renovation will assist, and support your workers in establishing healthier lifestyles. This can include increasing staff member awareness on health and wellness, healthy lifestyle programing, and/or establishing corporate policies that encourage healthy-living goals.  My 4-week program is tailored to your company’s staff needs, with lunchtime education, and programs that promote increased exercise, disease prevention/management, smoking cessation, and healthful food selections. The total renovation includes:

  • 1.5 hour office visit assessment & evaluation

  • Total office food/beverage overhaul

  • One month supply of sample meals, snacks, and grocery lists to stock the office

  • Local restaurant “Best Picks” list

  • Option of four 40-minute lunchtime talks, or two 2-hour open table sessions


Sample Lunchtime Talks:

  • Smart Snacking at the Office

  • Packing Lunch: It’s easier than you think

  • The Power of Breakfast: Why it’s so important

  • Eating for Energy

  • Debunking Food Myths

  • Dining Out for the Business Traveler

  • Workplace Fitness

  • On-the-Go Eating

  • Super foods for Super Work

  • Weight Loss for Busy Lifestyles


What’s the Link between Health and Workplace? Programs and policies that promote healthy living may make a big difference on staff member wellness, and have an impact on the corporation’s bottom line. Studies show that for every dollar invested by businesses in corporate wellness programing, there were savings ranging from $1.49 to $4.91 with a median savings of $3.14*.   In company terms, that’s more than a 3 to 1 minimum return on investment - a number that is hard to ignore, and a best practice that should warrant serious consideration from businesses.   In truth, a corporate wellness literature review posted in Wellness Practitioner Journal found -  

  • Nineteen studies found a 28.3 percent reduction in sick leave

  • Sixteen studies demonstrated a 5.6 to 1 return on investment

  • Twenty-three showed a 26.1 percent reduction in healthcare costs

  • Four found a 30 percent reduction in direct medical and workers’ compensation claims


There’s little doubt that a extensive wellness program targeted to meet a corporation’s specific needs can save money by lowering absenteeism, lowering healthcare expenditures, lowering staff member turnover, and increasing productivity. 

• USA Department of Health and Human Services

*Insurance may cover worsite nutrition visits! Check out our insurance page to find out.