Prior to Making An Appointment:
If you have one of these insurance plans, we still need to ask that you confirm that nutrition services are covered. To do this, before you make an appointment with us, call your insurance provider and ask "what nutrition services and how many visits are provided" under the two procedure codes (also called CPT codes) below. MNC's NPI number is 1760825160 should you need to determine if we are in-network with your plan.
  • CPT 97802 (nutrition initial visit)
  • CPT 97803 (nutrition follow-up visit)
If they ask for a diagnosis code, you will need to get that from your physician. We've listed the most commonly used codes at the bottom of the page for you to reference. Do ask if "preventative care or wellness services" are covered, some plans cover preventive care services. I know this takes extra time to check before you come in, but we don’t want you to have any surprises with your insurance company’s covered benefits. If you are struggling with an Eating Disorder check out your rights to nutrition coverage here.
When you get confirmation that your insurance covers nutrition services be sure to get a call reference number to give our office when scheduling. This ensures the claim can be correctly reprocessed should there be a discrepancy. Should you need a referral from your PCP with your plan you can request MNC Nutrition using our NPI# 1760825160.
Plan to pay co-pays you have and make it a point to know any deductibles that may apply. If an insurance claim is denied, it is your responsibility as the patient to pay any remaining balance in full. 
If we are not an in-network provider for your insurance we can offer discounted out-of-pocket services and submit claims on your behalf.
Common Diagnoses codes used for benefit check:
Z71.3 - Dietary counseling and surveillance
F50.00-F50.9 - Eating Disorders 
Z72.4 - Inappropriate diet and eating habits
R73.03 - Prediabetes
R73.01 - Impaired fasting glucose
E13.65 - Other specified diabetes mellitus with hyperglycemia (Diabetes)
E78.5 - Hyperlipidemia, unspecified (high cholesterol)

MNC Nutrition is and in-network provider for all Major insurance companies in Pennsylvania

Depending on your insurance, you likely have benefits

for partial or complete coverage of your appointments.