Kelsey Shriner, RD, LDN

Associate Registered Dietitian

Center City 

Kelsey graduated Magna Cum Laude from West Chester University. Kelsey is currently specializing in the area of eating disorder treatment, healthy weight management, diabetes education, PCOS/endocrine health, sports nutrition, and wellness/disease prevention. Her background in treating eating disorders, having been working as the Team Dietitian for adolescent and young adult females at the Renfrew Center of Philadelphia, and Monte Nido in Villanova. She is excited to be part of MNC Nutrition’s team where she can utilize her skills in nutrition-counseling.


Kelsey believes that “healthy eating” is not something that we achieve through restrictive diets, instead through moderation, portion-size and intuitive eating. This philosophy is what led her to fulfilling one of her passions to help people in their battle with eating disorders.


Kelsey works diligently at breaking nutrition myths and providing evidenced-based nutrition education to her patients. She realizes that there are many false claims relating to nutrition and how easy patients can be to be misinformed. Through one-on-one counseling, Kelsey is able to provide a holistic, non-restrictive meal plan and help her patients plan meals accordingly as well as assist them in managing their struggles with body image along the way.