Metabolic testing

We test your resting metabolic rate (RMR) using KORR ReeVue indirect calorimeter.  This medically based breath test is NOT an estimate; it’s a precise measurement of your metabolism. It provides your Registered Dietitian with important information regarding how well your body metabolizes food. Testing RMR is so much more than determining one's calorie  needs for meal planning. It is a tool MNC Nutrition uses to monitor your metabolic recovery from an array of diseases and conditions such as an eating disorder, thyroid disease, digestive disorders, diabetes, and many others. 


How Does it Work?

The test itself takes approximately 10 minutes. You’ll sit in a comfortable chair while breathing into a tube, which is connected to a Korr™ Metabolic Rate Analysis System. Your test is performed first thing in the morning and must be booked 72 hours in advance.

Please note that all metabolic testing in conducted in our East Falls office 

Test options:


Option 1 – $150. Includes a 30 minute consultation with Marjorie Nolan Cohn,  Registered Dietitian.


Prior to discussing your test results, you will fill out a brief questionnaire and complete a 3-day food journal. The information you provide, along with the data from your RMR test, will then be used by Marjorie to:

  • Discuss, modify and/or establish goals

  • Evaluate your current eating patterns

  • Provide tips that you can use right away

  • Review nutrition programs with more in-depth options


Option 2 – $100. For anyone looking to re-test or who plan to analyze their own test results or take results to another provider. 



**Please note RMR testing is not covered by insurance. We do provide payment plan options on an as needed basis, and offer reduced rates for current clients. 

Sample test Report