Spend less time thinking about what you should eat. With EatLove customized meal planning you will know exactly what to eat, what to buy, and how to prepare based on your skill level. 

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Your MNC Nutrition Dietitian will design a meal plan specifically for you that is based on your health goals, food preference/allergies, and cooking skills.  Check out the video to learn more. 

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Benefits of Customized Meal Planning with MNC Nutrition:

In addition to working with a Registered Dietitian one on one to determine your specific meal planning needs and goal setting, you will also receive:

  • Meal Plans that are 100% customized to your nutritional needs, food preferences, and schedule.

  • Weekly meal plan suggestions with the ability to swap and schedule meals to your convenience and preferences.

  • Quick & easy grocery list creation based on your meal plan. 

  • Individualized step-by-step guidance allowing you reach your health goals.  

  • Elimination of the stress and complexity of weekly meal planning, and recipe searching.

  • Easy incorporation of new foods and meals (because stepping out of your menu comfort zone is hard).

  • Ability to easily access a wide variety of delicious, tested, and expert-curated recipes.

  • Education that creates lasting change in how you plan, prepare, and shop for meals.

  • No weighing and measuring your portions, all recipes are customized based on your nutritional needs.

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